6. Dezember 2012

Santana Lopez - The Most Awesomest Girl In This School

¡Escucha! ¡Soy de Lima Heights Adjacent y yo tengo orgullo! ¿Sabes lo que pasa en Lima Heights Adjacent? ¡Cosas malas!

I intended to say something about JLo, but I don't feel like it anymore. So, here's Santana Lopez from Glee, played by Naya Rivera.

Name: Santana Lopez
Age: Young Adult
Astrological Sign:
Traits: Great Kisser, Party Animal, Snob, Ambitious, Mean Spirited
Lifetime Wish: Living in the Lap of Luxury

Used EPs: Late Night, Master Suite Stuff, Showtime, Diesel Stuff | Only outerwear: Generations, Seasons
Used CC: Glee's Cheerleader Uniform by Anubis
Used Sliders: Nostril Rotate, Forehead Depth, Upper Lip, Nose Septum, Jawline + Brow Depth (all by aWT), Facial Sliders (by Ahmad), 10 new CAS sliders (HeadSize & NeckSize), Head Shape (all by Jonha), Chin Width (by GnatGoSplat), Overlip Curve (by whiterider), Pointed ears (by CmarNYC), Nose Depth (by NikSim)

The sim comes with base game hair. For the pics I used Stunning Starlet and Dramatic Ponytail from the store.

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?qw9m7lacn1093zp 
I just wanna be famous, plain and simple.

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