19. September 2012

18. August 2012

Nose depth slider

I'm gladly seeing my nose depth slider being approved on MTS. :)

The other day I was working on a Cory Monteith sim, but his nose really freaked me out, so I decided to make this slider. I haven't had a try on the sim again yet, but I think it's pretty helpful.

For download and further information please go to MTS, since I do not want to upload it on several places.

11. Juli 2012

Rachel Barbra Berry - Some selfish, self-centered, lame-ass wannabe Diva from Hell

You may laugh because every time I sign my name I put a gold star after it, but it's a metaphor, and metaphors are important. My gold stars are a metaphor for me being a star.

10. Juli 2012


Schlechte Vorschaubilder ftw!
Marilyn-inspired painting I created mainly for my own use. Model is Calliope Cherry Smith, so it's called Calliope. Costs 750§, you find it where all the other paintings are. Slot/size congruence is not perfect. Frames are recolorable, the package contains all of the five versions. They will appear as one object in the game. You don't need any Expansion Pack. Have fun and love me. Please do not reupload. Thanks.

28. Mai 2012

23. Mai 2012

Quinn Fabray / Lucy Caboosey

I know what you're thinking. “Prom queen? You're smart and super pretty and relatively sane for a girl. Does being prom queen really matter to you?” Well, it does. Prom queens live, on average, five years longer than regular people. It's probably because they smile all the time. And smiling has been proven to ward off diseases.

7. Mai 2012

Emma Pillsbury - A Regular Agatha Christie

Well, like the other day at the market, he made me buy the green grapes and the red grapes. Then we put them together in the same bowl and just ate them. It was madness! Sheer madness!

2. Mai 2012

Sue Sylvester - All coffee and no omelet

You know I’m tired of hearing people complain, “I’m riddled with this disease,” or “I was in that tsunami.” To them I say: try shaking it up a bit. Get out of your box, even if that box is where you’re living. I’ll often yell at homeless people, “Hey, how’s that homelessness working out for you? Give not being homeless a try!"

So here's my sim version of Jane Lynch in her role as cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester on Glee.

11. April 2012

Keine Lust mehr

Also. Mein Sims-Spiel ist gerade abgestürzt. Zum vierten Mal heute. Wenn man das um 0 Uhr irgendwas dazunimmt, das fünfte Mal. Und es nervt mich halt total, weil ich nicht weiß, woran es liegt. Hab schon fast alle Downloads rausgelöscht, hab außer dem NoMosaic keine Mods drin und hasse alles. Weiß nicht genau, warum ich das jetzt hier schreibe ... Jedenfalls braucht niemand darauf zu hoffen, dass ich dann irgendwann mal wieder mehr schreiben werde. Hätte gern noch über Showtime geschrieben, aber soviel gespielt hab ich damit noch nicht. Simport hab ich ausprobiert, hat nicht funktioniert. Ehmja, bis dann mal.

11. Januar 2012

Schmeißt die Rezeptbücher weg!

Habt ihr Lust darauf, immer Rezeptbücher kaufen zu müssen, bevor eure Sims alle Gerichte kochen können? Ich nicht.
Dieser Mod macht die Rezeptbücher nutzlos. Wenn ein Sim einen neuen Kochfähigkeitslevel erreicht, wird er automatisch alle Rezepte lernen, die auf diesem Level gelernt werden können.